First Aid Training Can Help You Save A Life.

First aid and CPR training will give you the knowledge and confidence needed when faced with an emergency situation.

Are you prepared? Book your first aid & CPR training today.

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Why Choose Wildrose Safety Solutions?

When you're looking for First Aid & CPR training in Alberta, Wildrose Safety Solutions can train you and help you build the confidence you'll need when you are needed most.

Professional Paramedic Trainers

All of our trainers are professional paramedics. You'll be trained by the most well trained emergency responders available.

Mobile Training

We'll bring the training to you so you and your team can learn in the environment that a possible emergency situation might happen.

Engaging Learning Experience

Our hands-on, and game driven training will help you retain more information so you leave feeling confident in yourself.

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Why You Should Learn First Aid?

First Aid training will give you the training and essential knowledge you need when faced with an emergency situation. Not only could it help you save a life of someone you know, first aid training empowers you to act confidently and appropriately when an accident occurs. As a bonus, being trained in first aid can also improve your opportunities in securing a new job or meeting the requirements of an existing position that may require you to have these qualifications.

If you we're thinking of getting trained in first aid, make the smart choice and register today.

She was so informative and fun and by far the best instructor, I have had. The games made things sink in more and I liked the “real” situations we went through.


I enjoyed all the games and the way we learned through out the day, great course.


Instructor was very clear and organized, she was willing to go over anything we didn’t understand again and she really stressed the important topics.


They were fantastic, they were willing to take their time when needed to fully grasp concepts.


Made the experience fun and educational with some added humor.


They were awesome. Great job of explaining and demonstrating.


The thoroughness of CPR is what I enjoyed most about the course.


Great instructors! I felt I learned the information and it was entertaining with hands on learning.


Really good! Very informative and taught in a way the kept everyone interested


Instructor was very effective and made the course fun and enjoyable.


Excellent, knowledgeable, easy and enjoyable to listen to.


Participating, hands on and games were great to keep it interesting.


Very entertaining, kept the course fun and low stress.


Instructors always kept you involved with the entire course.


Our instructors were amazing! Both were very personable and welcoming, they made me feel very comfortable.


The instructors both did an excellent job and used different methods to present the information to us.


I liked that we weren’t sitting the entire time. There were lots of games, practice and hands on activities.


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