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Babysitting Course

~7 Hours

Babysitting Course to anyone 11-17 years of age. The program involves a variety of hands-on activities and training discussions using realistic life-size training mannequins. Other important skills include first aid for choking, burns and child safety, to name just a few. After successfully completing the Babysitting Course, participants receive a completion card.

Hey Babysitters: In this 7-hour session, you’ll learn some babysitting basics, what to expect of children of different ages and how to handle emergencies – all the information your parents will want you to know. We’ll also throw in tons of useful tidbits and suggestions that will make you the most popular babysitter on the block!

$60.00 / Person

Course Outline

The Business of Babysitting
Your Role
Family Expectations
Caring for Babies
Caring for Preschoolers
Caring for School-Aged Children
How to handle Emergencies and First Aid
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