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First Aid Training will empower you and give you confidence needed when an accident happens. Book yout first aid training today so you are ready and prepared when someone needs your help.

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Why Choose Wildrose Safety Solutions?

When you're looking for First Aid & CPR training in Alberta, Wildrose Safety Solutions can train you and help you build the confidence you'll need when you are needed most.

Professional Paramedic Trainers

All of our trainers are professional paramedics. You'll be trained by the most well trained emergency responders available.

Mobile Training

We'll bring the training to you so you and your team can learn in the environment that a possible emergency situation might happen.

Engaging Learning Experience

Our hands-on, and game driven training will help you retain more information so you leave feeling confident in yourself.

First Aid & CPR Courses

Our courses are uplifting, and engaging so you leave feeling empowered and confident. We offer free mobile training, so you can learn in the environment you're most comfortable in.

Emergency First Aid

8 Hours
3 Years Valid

Introduction to first aid focusing on CPR, controlling bleeding, treating shock, and respiratory emergencies.


Standard First Aid

16 Hours
3 Years Valid

Everything from Emergency First Aid, but provides a more in-depth and comprehensive training of first aid.


Standard First Aid

9 Hours
3 Years Valid

Re-Certification training for the Standard First Aid Certification.


Child Care Standard First Aid

17 Hours
3 Years Valid

Comprehensive and in-depth first aid training, specializing in child care emergencies.


Standard First Aid – Basic Life Support Provider CPR

13 Hours
3 Years Valid

A comprehensive 2-day first aid course for healthcare providers and trained first responders.


Level “A/A+” CPR

4-6 Hours
3 Years Valid

Basic level CPR training, allowing your to preform CPR on adults and get familiar using an automated defibrillator.


Level “C” CPR

6 Hours
3 Years Valid

Advanced level CPR training, allowing your to preform CPR on adults and children/infants.


Heart & Stroke Courses

Get trained so you are ready when an emergency situation occurs.

Basic Life Support – Heart and Stroke

4 Hours
1 Year Valid

The fundamental course for healthcare and emergency medical providers.


Basic Life Support - Heart and Stroke Renewal

~2 Hours
1 Year Valid

Re-Certification training for the Basic Life Support - Heart and Stroke Certification.


Qualitative Mask Fit Test

4 Hours
1 Year Valid

Qualitative fit testing is a pass/fail test method that uses your sense of taste or smell, or your reaction to an irritant in order to detect leakage into the respirator face piece.


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We offer a large variety of online training courses.

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