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Alberta Type P First Aid Kit

This kit is suitable for the self-employed or small businesses with a sole employee on a work shift.

Container Types:
-Nylon Bag
-Plastic Case

Full regulatory compliance with AR 87/2009 requirements for employee safety.


Kit Contains:

Qty (1) - Waterproof Waste Bag
Qty (1) - Triangular Bandage - 102 x 102 x 142cm (40" x 40" x 56")
Qty (5) - Fabric Adhesive Bandages - 2.5 x 7.6cm (1" x 3")
Qty (5) - Fabric Junior Adhesive Bandages
Qty (1) - Pairs of Vinyl Examination Gloves
Qty (5) - Gauze Pads, Sterile, 12 Ply - 10.2cm x 10.2cm (4" x 4")
Qty (1) - Compress Pressure Bandage with Ties - 10.2cm (4")
Qty (5) - Benzalkonium Chloride Antiseptic Towelettes

To find out what first aid kit your company needs, please see the requirements laid out in the Alberta (OHS) Occupational Health and Safety Code (2009) (AR 87/2009)

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